Family Law
The practice

Advising on family law matters, we combine the Western approach with extensive experience, particularly, in running international cases.

We offer legal representation and expert consultancy services to clients who wish to execute a prenuptial, a custody, a divorce agreement or divide their property, including equity interests in companies and profit-sharing programmes.

We have extensive experience in running divorce proceedings, advising on property settlement, arranging for child support benefits and alimony, and determination of child domicile through legal proceedings. Our lawyers assist in comprehensive equity capital distribution matters, including company appraisals, share options and other forms of non-property rights.

Our lawyers specialising in family law work closely with corporate, tax and criminal law associates, when/if required, allowing to fully foresee and neutralise the effect of litigation on the client's financial standing.

In addition to the above, we also advise on issues related to citizenship and inheritance.


Our services include:

  • evaluation of litigation prospects in family disputes and advice on their resolution, both in and out of court; 
  • settling disputes involving aliens (spouse/spouses are aliens or disputed property is located abroad);
  • drafting prenuptial agreements and representation in respect of their execution;
  • advice on invalidation of a deal executed by one of the spouses in a legal action;
  • representing clients in legal matters related to a civil marriage (property settlement, children);
  • representation in connection with the dissolution of marriage (divorce) and property settlement;
  • determination of domicile for an underage child (children), guidelines for its interaction with a separately living parent, guidelines for child upbringing and support matters;
  • termination of parental rights;
  • acknowledgment (contestation) of paternity;
  • advice on support to children deprived of parental custody;
  • advising clients on the use (particularly, by non-residents) of assisted reproductive technologies (including surrogate motherhood on commercial basis).

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