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28 July 2015

Dmytro Marchukov contributes to OffshoreAlert Fraud and Asset Recovery Blog “Penultimate” beneficial owners in Ukrainian companies”

14 October last year Ukrainian parliament passes an updated – FATF-oriented – law with an overly optimistic and catchy title “On Preventing and Combatting Legalization (Laundering) of the Criminally Acquired Income, Financing of Terrorism and Financing of Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction” (a.k.a. Anti-Laundering Law) and its satellite “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Defining Ultimate Beneficiaries and Public Persons” (a.k.a. UBOs Law). arrow

16 July 2015

Social Impact Bonds and Other Impact Finance Instruments

Zakon publishes an article by Dmitry Stepanov. arrow

14 July 2015

Companies Held Liable for Corruption Offenses as a New White Collar Crime Prevention Trend

CEE Legal Matters publishes an artcile by Victoria Burkovskaya and Tatyana Nozhkina. arrow

13 July 2015

Priority of Security Interests For Future Obligations

Zakon publishes an article by Evgenia Evdokimova. arrow

1 July 2015

Doing business in Russian Federation

Ilya Nikiforov, Anna Ivanova, Vladimir Stepanov, Mark Rovinskiy, Pavel Sadovsky, Maria Demina, Maria Kobanenko, Denis Gavrilov and Elena Kazak became the authors of Doing business in Russian Federation by Practical Law. arrow

25 May 2015

Anti-suit Injunctions from Arbitral Tribunals in International Commercial Arbitration: A Necessary Evil?

Journal of International Arbitration publishes an article by Olga Vishnevskaya. arrow

19 March 2015

Getting the Deal Through – Arbitration 2015

Ilya Nikiforov, Alexey Karchiomov and Svetlana Popova became the authors of the Russia chapter of the Getting the Deal Through – Arbitration 2015. arrow

19 November 2014

Merger Control in Russia: New Trends and Developments

International Antitrust Bulletin by ABA Section of Antitrust Law publishes an artcile by Anna Numerova and Elena Kazak. arrow

10 November 2014

Private Equity: 2nd edition – Russia

Mikhail Kazantsev, Arkady Krasnikhin, Michael Copeland, Roman Malovitsky and Mark Rovinskiy authored the Russia chapter of Private Equity Jurisdictional comparisons: Second Edition 2014. arrow

30 October 2014

Arbitrating Crimea-related commercial disputes

GAR publishes an article by Dmytro Marchukov and Serhii Uvarov on arbitrating Crimea-related commercial disputes. arrow

10 October 2014

Allocation of court costs in commercial litigation under Russian law

An article by Dmitry Tugushi and Roman Krylov is published in International Litigation News, Newsletter of the International Bar Association Legal Practice Division. arrow

20 June 2014

Developments in the Russian Legislation on Securitisation and Project Finance

Newsletter of the International Bar Association Legal Practice Division publishes an article of Oleg Ushakov and Alexander Filchukov. arrow

1 May 2014

Competition in Russia: The Current Status of the Fourth Antitrust Package

CEE Legal Matters Magazine publishes an article by Natalia Korosteleva and Evgeny Bolshakov. arrow

22 April 2014

Ilona Zekely comments to the Austrian newspaper Wirtschaftsblatt on new currency rules for stabilizing Ukrainian financial sector

Ilona Zekely, Partner of Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners in Ukraine, a regular contributor to Wirtschaftsblatt's newspaper column, comments on new currency rules for stabilizing Ukrainian financial sector. arrow

20 April 2014

Editorial: On CEE, Russia, and St. Petersburg

CEE Legal Matters publishes an article by Ivan Smirnov. arrow



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